Book Reviews

Here are some book reviews and public comments on a variety of subjects pertaining to reading favorites.

Too Blue to Fly by Judith Richards

“Set in the Florida swamps in 1947. A biracial family was living in a hostile area where it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry or to live together while raising their son. Then the man’s white son from his former marriage comes to live with them. The newcomer must adjust to a hateful community and a ramshackle house. The boys forge an uneasy alliance for the summer until a young girl is beaten, … Continue reading

Tainted Rye Crisp by Susan Studier

In the 1930s, Albert and Frances Wetter lived with their four children in Lanesboro, Iowa. Albert worked for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. Frances was a gifted pianist of above-average intelligence. Albert thought all was well with his family until the day Frances confessed that she loved someone else. Heartbroken and confused, Albert desperately tried to win back his wife’s love and keep his family together in the home they called Honeymoon Cottage. The author, … Continue reading

Karen by Marie Killilea

Got stuck on a must-browse book titled “Karen” by Marie Killilea. It is a biography about a young girl with cerebral palsy and how the mother and father work to keep the girl from becoming spoiled and self-centered. They teach her how to blend in with normal children. The parents built their yard into an attraction for neighbor children which gave their daughter playmates. When they brought their newborn baby home from the hospital they … Continue reading

Hung Up in Bemidji by Kathy Cohen

Kathy Cohen knows how to present realistic characters to the reader –most who are lovable in spite of their flaws. She knows a lot about the rodeo circuit, bull riding, and the clowns whose job it is to protect the fallen bull riders. Author also has a detective’s mind in order to mastermind a trap to catch a killer. The fact that the hero and support performers make mistakes when accomplishing those assigned tasks ads … Continue reading

The Girls of Atomic City

Review by Linda H.: I’ve just finished reading an astonishing story. The book is “The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win WWll”, by Denise Kiernan. The author focuses on several women from all over the country- a nurse from Iowa for one, and many, many new high school graduates. The main location is Oak Ridge, TN a town that grew up over night from land taken overs to … Continue reading

Just Jake by Jake Marcionette

Just Jake by Jake Marcionette Carol B.: “Want to share a story about a 13 year old who wrote a NYTimes bestseller! And he happens to be a nephew….super job for this young man… and he has plans for more books !” Jake Marcionette is the 13-year-old author of the bestselling book, “Just Jake.” Jake Marcionette knew he had a bestseller on his hands, but he didn’t know how to get the book he’d written … Continue reading

Navajo Code Talkers by Nathan Aaseng and Roy O. Hawthorne

Shirrell Ann M.: How many of you know about the Code Talkers, these were brave men. Saddened to hear about the death of Arthur Hubbard Sr., a Navajo Code Talker and the first American Indian to serve in the Arizona Senate. He has died at age 102. Our Navajo Code Talkers played an important role in helping the United States win World War II. BOOK REVIEW: “On the Pacific front during World War II, strange … Continue reading

Echoes & Reflections (My Life With The Stars) by Bob Tubert

Brenda R.: I would like to recommend a book of an old friend of mine written by Bob Tubert called “My Life With The Stars, The Real Story About MusicCity”. I knew Bob when he was managing Shelby Lynn and after. I had no idea what a gifted songwriter he was and the countless artists who recorded his songs. He is very unassuming. I was delivering a chart magazine at the time. Bob never told me … Continue reading

Death by Prescription by Ray D. Strand M.D. 2003

Death by Prescription by Ray D. Strand, M.D. Copyright 2003. The use of prescription medication is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Don’t automatically accept newly released drugs with could be life-threatening, discover the deadly partnership formed by the U.S. Congress between the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. Be informed on your own health. Case 1: Middle-aged woman in perfect health eating right and excercising often consults doctor over menopause symptoms–night sweats and … Continue reading

The Bully Pulput by Doris Kearns Goodwin

From childhood, Theodore Roosevelt regarded books as “the greatest of companions.” Roosevelt found time to read. As president, he always carried a book with him to the Executive Office and made the most of his time in reading. Roosevelt’s ability to concentrate when reading was astonishing. This observation comes from the subject matter in The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Summary by the publisher follows: The gap between rich and poor has never been … Continue reading

Mark Twain’s Logic by Nancy D.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. – Mark Twain” Gotta love his wisdom! …. … Continue reading

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

A fast-moving story starts with a seven-year-old boy whose parents are dead and who is living in his sister’s house in rural England. He befriends an escaped convict one night and that single act of compassion will reward him many years in the future. While there are many characters both good and bad that move in and out of his early years, his desire to become a gentleman of means and good reputation give him … Continue reading

Been There. Done That. Try This!: An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth

by Tony Attwood (Author, Editor) , Craig Evans (Editor) , Anita Lesko The world’s Aspie mentors pass on their insights for successful living! Temple Grandin, Anita Lesko, Liane Holliday Willey, Jennifer O’Toole and many others, offer words of wisdom on coping with key stressors such as self-esteem, employment, friendship, and love. Based on their personal experience, this book is chock full of advice from Aspie mentors who have all been there and done that! Illustrated … Continue reading

The Monuments Men, about an Iowa man

The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History “The Monuments Men,” which opens in theaters Feb. 7, 2014 is based on the true story of eight Allied soldiers whose unwritten mission was to go into Germany and rescue masterpieces pilfered by the Nazis and secreted away in castles, churches and salt mines all over the country. Working behind enemy lines and under pressure, this group of … Continue reading

Bullwhacked, A comic crime novel

Marlys Waters: “Bullwhacked” by Kathy Cohen is a fun book to read. A mystery set on the rodeo circuit where the life is rough but friendships are made and the benefits can be high. The characters are described through appearance and personalities with a humorous insight into their frailties, greed, and situations they encounter as they travel the circuit. Kathy Cohen’s presentation of the suspenseful story and unexpected conclusion will leave you with a vivid … Continue reading

About the Government

Everything you hear today about the current government has probably been said before. Example: “We are seeing before our eyes the breakdown of legislative government. Congress is carrying out the orders of a handful of lobbyists who hover around the halls at the Capitol and give their orders. They are the Congress — people you never elected, whose names you probably don’t even know. This has been going on a long time. Now it has … Continue reading

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Chapter 1: “The sun flared down on the growing corn day after day until a line of brown spread along the edge of each green bayonet. The clouds appeared, and went away, and in a while they did not try any more. . .And as the sharp sun struck day after day, the leaves of the young corn became less stiff and erect; they bent in a curve at first, and then, as the central … Continue reading

Stories by Leo Tolstoy

I’m currently reading The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories (Family Happiness, The Kreutzer Sonata & Master and Man) by Leo Tolstoy. He was a Russian writer born September 9, 1828, died November 20, 1910. His stories tend to drag out but he really understands people and how they react under certain circumstances. Interesting to read how life was in Russia in the 1800s.. … Continue reading

On the Beach by Nevil Shute

There has been a terrible nuclear war in the northern countries and all life has been destroyed there. Now the deadly radiation is traveling south. On the Beach describes the lives of the Holmes family and their friends as the radiation comes closer and closer. Is this the end of life on earth? Bookseller says: good story of the possible future. Was made into a movie a few years ago. The movie was on Iowa … Continue reading

Bless the Beasts & Children by Glendon Swarthout

Very good story about 6 rich boys who were sent from the city to a western-style summer camp. All have emotional problems caused by their distant, jet-setting parents. Ranging in age from 12 – 14, they have great difficulty adjusting to camp life and are forced to bunk together in the loser’s cabin.  One of the boys realizes what the others really need to boost their moral is some activity that they can excel at. … Continue reading