Tainted Rye Crisp by Susan Studier

In the 1930s, Albert and Frances Wetter lived with their four children in Lanesboro, Iowa. Albert worked for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. Frances was a gifted pianist of above-average intelligence. Albert thought all was well with his family until the day Frances confessed that she loved someone else. Heartbroken and confused, Albert desperately tried to win back his wife’s love and keep his family together in the home they called Honeymoon Cottage. The author, Susan Studier, used Albert’s heartwrenching journal entries and letters Frances wrote while in the Iowa State Hospital for the Insane to weave together the story of how mental illness destroyed her grandparent’s marriage, and how it impacted their youngest child. Available on Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Tainted-Rye-Crisp-Susan-Studier/dp/1503053407.

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