Karen by Marie Killilea

Got stuck on a must-browse book titled “Karen” by Marie Killilea. It is a biography about a young girl with cerebral palsy and how the mother and father work to keep the girl from becoming spoiled and self-centered. They teach her how to blend in with normal children. The parents built their yard into an attraction for neighbor children which gave their daughter playmates. When they brought their newborn baby home from the hospital they pointed out that they needed the help of the handicapped girl to care for the baby boy and that she was to be in charge since the parents had the other children to care for. The girl not only was up to the task (with limits) but eventually worked hard on therapy and was able to become more mobile with crutches when she became too heavy for the mother to carry her. AnĀ  inspiring story of parents who created a Cerebral Palsy organization to help other parents share their concerns and friendship..

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