Hickory’s Journey

Hickory’s Journey, Lost Pig Finds a New Home
Copyright 2010, Paperback, 145 pages, illustrated with colored photos throughout. SYNOPSIS: “This story is based on the life of a tiny pig rescued while walking down an interstate highway in Minnesota. It continues in Iowa where Hickory was raised to adulthood. The story is told from the pig’s point of view to give the reader true insight into the thoughts and feelings a pig might have. Much humor is disbursed throughout the story with references to pigs who are raised as house pets, those who do tricks, and those who just act silly.

Hickory’s life was not without difficulties, danger, and sorrow. His 3 pen-mates became his family. He eventually was given his own foster children to raise. The ending is sad but true with a Christian base. It is hoped this fast-paced story will introduce the reader to the gentle, friendly, smart side of this pig and to all swine in general.” This is a new book in perfect, unmarked condition.

Hickory's Journey, Lost Pig Finds a New Home near Nemaha, Iowa, Sac County

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